Potential sponsors:

Contacts from individual schools participating in the Capstone Design Expo:

Chirag Patel, Aerospace Engineering: cpatel88[at]

Daniel Baerlecken, Architecture: daniel.baerlecken[at]

James Stubbs, Biomedical Engineering: stubbs[at]

Pete Ludovice, Chemical Engineering: pete.ludovice[at]

Karl Meyer, Civil Engineering: fred.meyer[at]

Olufisayo Omojokun, Computer Science: omojokun[at]

William (Whit) Smith, Electrical & Computer Engineering: whit.smith[at]

Sharon Just, Environmental Engineering: sharon.just[at]

Dima Nazzal, Industrial and Systems Engineering: dima.nazzal[at]

Wayne Li, Industrial Design:[at]

Mary L. Realff, Materials Science Engineering: mr37[at]

Amit S. Jariwala, Mechanical Engineering: amit.jariwala[at]

Bojan Petrovic, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering: bojan.petrovic[at]

Travis Whetsell, Public Policy: travis.whetsell[at]