Info for Students

The Capstone Design Expo provides an incredible opportunity to showcase your project to prospective employers, investors, and the public. Here are some quick tips to get you set up for a great first impression! The following information is for the Fall 2020 semester.

  • Register for the Expo:
    1. Deadline: 11:59pm of 16th October 2020
    2. The quick help guide for expo registration is here
    3. Send any technical questions about the website to webmaster[at]
  • Review the Expo judging rubric
  • Review the common FAQ below:
    1. What is the dress code?
      • Wear whatever you need to be successful. Most teams will be in business attire, but few also wear custom/themed attires including custom t-shirts. Your team will be judged by industry experts, alumni, faculty, and sponsors. Dress to impress!
    2. How should we join the expo?
      • Test Gatherly Platform here: to make sure your computer can run the virtual expo platform.
      • Bookmark this link: and it will update to the virtual lobby on the day of the expo at 3:30pm. Please make sure you are using a computer or laptop (not a tablet or phone) with Google Chrome pre-installed.
      • You will need a camera and microphone (or webcam with an inbuilt camera) attached to your computer
      • Enter your name with your team table prefix. For example, “L06-John Doe”, where L is the table number. Check your assigned table numbers here.
    3. What is the schedule for the event?
      • 3:30-4:00pm: Online setup and check AV in the virtual “lobby” area
      • 4-4:15pm: Welcome to judges
      • 4:15: Judging begins
      • 7:00pm: Awards Ceremony
    4. How should we present to judges/guests?
      • At the start of every quarter of the hour, your team will present a 4-6 minute overview of your project to anyone who has joined your team’s virtual “booth”. You may present live with sharing your slides or ask attendees to watch your project video (which can be on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
      • You may place your team’s unique page link in the group chat and ask judges to view the poster and video if they would like to check it out
      • You will then ask judges and visitors to ask questions by speaking or by typing on chat until the start of the next quarter of the hour.
      • Repeat the above steps at 4:30pm, 4:45pm, 5:00pm, and so on until 6:45pm.
    5. What information is shared with attendees and judges?
    6. What awards are given at the expo?
      • Best Overall Project Award – $3,000 for the team
      • Best Interdisciplinary Project Award – $1,500 for the team
      • Best project Award within a School – $1,000 for the team (one award per School of BME, ECE, ISYE, ME, and ME/ID)
      • People’s Choice Recognition – The team with the highest votes from all attendees will be recognized
    7. What do we do if we win the expo?
      Make sure that each member of the team fills out this online form
    8. Have more questions about logistics?
      Send them to expo[at]