Mechanical Engineering (Summer 2016)

Students in Mechanical Engineering are required to take ME 4182 or GT 4823 to meet their Capstone Design Course requirements



Week Date Lecture Topic Weekly Deliverables
1 05/16/2016 Course Intro, Sponsored Projects and Team Formation Student-Faculty Q&A on project/Problem Statement Project Plan [More Details]
2 05/23/2016 1.) User Needs 2.) Ideation, Concept Generation, Design Process and Stakeholder Analysis, User Needs & Functions, Specifications [More Details]
3 05/30/2016 1.) Market Research/Prior Art Search, 2.) Industrial Design/Human Factors Ideation Report [More Details]
4 06/06/2016 1.) Risk, Liability, Codes & Standards, 2.) Mock up, Prototyping and Manufacturing Relevant codes, Standards and Risk Analysis [More Details]
5 06/13/2016 1.) Societal and Environmental Considerations, 2.) Analysis Feasibility Analyses and Preliminary CAD [More Details]
6 06/20/2016 No Lecture Mid-Term Presentations and Report Due June 22 (Report #2)
7 06/27/2016 1.)  Create-X, 2.)  Intellectual Property, 3.) Provisional Patent Filing CAD, Engineering Analyses, and Prototyping Update [More Details]
8 07/04/2016 No Lecture
9 07/11/2016 No Lecture
10 07/18/2016 No Lecture
11 07/25/2016 No Lecture Final Presentations
12 07/26/2016 Mini-Expo Final Report


*Individual section instructors have latitude on deliverables, timing, and grading. The preceding information is a set of general guidelines.

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Todd Sulchek
Lead Faculty

Amit Jariwala
Director of Design and Innovation