Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2015)

Students in Mechanical Engineering are required to take ME 4182 or GT 4823 to meet their Capstone Design Course requirements


Schedule (All lectures will be held in IC #103 from 4:35 – 5:25pm)

Week Date Lecture Topic Weekly Deliverables
1 08/18/2015(T) Course Intro and Sponsored Projects Studio Introduction
1 08/20/2015(Th) Student Project and Design Discussion Team Formation
2 08/25/2015(T)

User Needs, Design Specifications, etc.

Team Assessment and

Projects assigned by instructors
2 08/27/2015(Th) Ideation, Concept Generation, Design Process Student presentation of project ideas/Problem Statement Project Plan (Presentations) [More Details]
3 09/01/2015(T) Market Research/Prior Art Search
3 09/03/2015(Th) Industrial Design/Human Factors User Needs and Prior Art analysis report [More Details]
4 09/08/2015(T) Risk, Liability, Codes & Standards
4 09/10/2015(Th) Analysis Ideation Report [More Details]
5 09/15/2015(T) Societal and Environmental Considerations
5 09/17/2015(Th) Mock up, Prototyping and Manufacturing Market Research Results and Report#1, Progress Presentation for Report #1
6 09/22/2015(T) Intellectual Property
6 09/24/2015(Th) Forming a Company Industrial Design and Human Factors report [Refer lecture notes and section #7 of Report 2 guidelines]
7 09/29/2015(T) No Lecture Relevant codes, Standards and Risk Analysis [More Details]
8 10/05/2015(M) No Lecture Feasibility Analyses and Preliminary CAD [More Details]
9 10/12/2015(M) No Lecture Engineering Feasibility Analyses and CAD Update [More Details]
10 10/19/2015(M) No Lecture Report #2, Progress Presentation for Report #2
11 10/26/2015(M) No Lecture Engineering Feasibility Analyses and CAD Update
12 11/03/2015(T) Filing Patent Claims & Reimbursement Info CAD, Engineering Analyses, and Prototyping Update [More Details]
13 11/09/2015(M) No Lecture Impact of Societal & Environmental Factors on Design [More Details]
14 11/16/2015(M) No Lecture CAD, Engineering Analyses, and Prototyping Update [More Details]
15 11/23/2015(M) No Lecture
16 11/30/2015(M) No Lecture Final Presentations
16 12/03/2015(Th) No Lecture Capstone Design Expo
17 12/09/2015(Th) No Lecture Final Report


*Individual section instructors have latitude on deliverables, timing and grading. The preceding information is a set of general guidelines.

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Amit Jariwala
Director of Design and Innovation